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crowdEngage - Rebuild of SaaS Application's Dashboard

CrowdEngage asked me to redesign and rebuild their SAAS application dashboard, and add a couple of new features.

What is CrowdEngage?

CrowdEngage is a UK SAAS business, providing theatres with ability to communicate with their customers using SMS.

The Problem

The old dashboard was build with bootstrap, and looked like every other dashboard out there, furthermore it wasn't intuitive for the customers and wasn't mobile responsive.

Rebuilding The Dashboard

I rebuild the dashboard using TailwindCSS, TailwindUI, and Alpine.js, ensuring the dashboard is beautiful, modern looking and easy to navigate, while being fully mobile responsive.

Additionally I designed the UI for the new features, and coded them in the Django backend.

After rolling out the new dashboard, and features, CrowdEngage founder, got a lot of messages from satisfied clients about the new dashboard, and short time required to add the requested features.