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TvLinker - Custom Web Application & Chrome Extension

Televisor needed a web application to help them streamline their business process, regarding adding and obtaining visual references for their projects.

What is Televisor?

Televisor is a leading Postproduction & Animation Studio in Poland, and they help to translate diverse visions and narratives into technologically advanced, unique andĀ unforgettableĀ images.

The Problem

Televisor needed a way to streamline a process of adding and retrieving various visual references by their employees for easier reuse across multiple projects, and to save employees times.

The previous solution involved manually saving screenshots, on a shared network drive of the company, so the process of finding old references was taking a long time, since employees had to look through many folders, relying only on basic file names to retrieve what they were looking for.

Saving References

To make saving references faster for employees, I created a Chrome browser extensions, that allows users to screen capture a portion of the browser screen, and upload the capture along with various tags, and link of current website to better describe the reference to Televisor's reference database.

Finding ReferencesĀ 

To streamline the process of finding the references already added by the chrome extensions I designed and developed a web application that allowed users so search the references easily and filter them based on keywords and tags. Furthermore I created many features to make the process even easier:

  • Web application is secured by login, so only Televisor employees can access it
  • Users can collaborate by adding references to project boards
  • Users can create an unique link to share the project boards with their clients with out the need to give them access to the web app
  • Admin panel

Solutions designed and developed by me, helped saved countless hours the employees were wasting on finding the references, that can be now used on more creative work!